Nicole’s vision started to worsen at a young age, and she hated wearing her glasses. She was very self-conscience about wearing them and they were somewhat problematic when participating in sports and other activities. We first heard about GVSS from a friend. It was truly hard to believe when she explained how the system worked. To wear contact lenses at night, and have perfect vision during the day didn’t seem possible.

We made an appointment with Dr. Despoditis at Eye Care Professionals and he explained in more medical terms how GVSS worked. When examining Nicole, he said that she had a very strong reflex to close her eyes when anything came near them. With patience and fortitude, Dr. D finally got a pair of test lenses in her eyes. He told us to wait in the waiting room until she gets used to them. Well, that didn’t happen. She could not, or would not open her eyes because it hurt. She cried to get them out and after about five minutes Dr. D took them out. We were all very concerned that Nicole would not be a candidate for GVSS because of her strong aversion to anything in her eye.

Dr. D. was so patient and explained that this process does take getting used to, and that it will take a while before that happened. I, as a parent was concerned that we would spend all this money and she wouldn’t be able to get through the initial discomfort. In the same week, my husband decided he wanted to get contact lenses. Well, Dr. D found out immediately where Nicole gets aversion to having anything in her eye. Her father struggled as much, if not more than she did. So, they both tried to get through it together.

Every night during the first week or so it would take Nicole an hour to get the lenses in her eyes. She’d cry and fight through it, but eventually she’d get them in. None of us thought she would get through the “training” period. I was so proud of her and how she persisted. It’s been a few years now that she’s used GVSS, and she can now put the lenses in her eyes in minutes and refuses to sleep without them. Her vision is better than 20/20. Dr. D and I still have trouble believing that she did it. He said she was one if his hardest patients, but she showed him that anyone with patience and persistence can learn how to use GVSS. It’s a remarkable system and I would recommend it (and have) to everyone that wears glasses. I can’t thank Dr. D and the entire staff at Eye Care Professionals enough for their support and introducing us to GVSS. Oh, and by the way, Nicole’s father still hasn’t learned to use his contacts.