Despite regular checkups at the dentist and pediatrician, I follow an otherwise relatively holistic approach to my three children’s healthcare. They are thankfully very healthy, so I was shocked and disappointed when my oldest son, Josh brought home a note from his school nurse in 6th grade to request an eye exam by a professional. He had failed the vision test at school and needed a professional eye evaluation to satisfy the school.  It turned out he had been struggling to see the blackboard in class, even from the front row of desks.

Our eye doctor suggested Josh would be a great candidate for the “Gentle Vision Shaping System” or GVSS lenses. These lenses are worn at night time during sleep in order to reshape the cornea to the perfect curvature for optimum vision during wake hours.I was quite skeptical, especially since we have two friends in the field of ophthalmology who strongly urged us against the use of GVSS lenses.

I nevertheless felt that I had to try my best to prevent Josh from becoming dependant on eye glasses. I knew that eyeglasses would rob him of a freedom he had assumed since his early childhood years. And furthermore, even though millions of people wear eyeglasses every day, as his mother I did not want to burden him with that dependency, and the possibility that his eyes would just continue to deteriorate . He also did not want to be wearing contact lenses during the day, especially when playing baseball on dusty, sandy fields that could cause all kinds of irritation. So I felt that we had no choice but to consider the GVSS option.

Now, as I look back after about 2 years of using the GVSS lenses, I can honestly say that Josh has been liberated from the “threat” of having to wear corrective eyewear during his wake hours. He does not mind wearing the small lenses at night because he becomes unaware of them as soon as he falls asleep.

Josh has a normal life with regards to his eye sight.  Josh has the freedom to swim, jump, dive or slide into home plate without worrying about sand in his eyes. Furthermore, as a serious student, he does not have to worry about his eye sight for near and far work in a classroom setting. He can sit anywhere in class and see perfectly clear! The nighttime regimen of cleaning and inserting his lenses has brought a sense of discipline and self-hygiene into his life, and it rewards him with 20/20 vision during his awake and active hours.