I started wearing corneal reshaping lenses, as a teenager, over 7 years ago.  I maintain a highly active lifestyle, which includes practicing law as an attorney, a job in Law Enforcement, and participating in numerous sports activities.  Prior to using corneal reshaping lenses, my vision was poor, affecting many facets of life.  When our family eye doctor suggested trying newly devised corneal shaping lenses I jumped at the opportunity. 

After one day of using corneal reshaping, I realized this method matched my lifestyle perfectly.  No longer did I have to rely on unwieldy glasses or bothersome soft contact lenses.  Corneal reshaping enabled me to progress in my career, studies and hobbies without those burdensome apparatuses. 

Corneal reshaping fit my needs and concerns perfectly.  Currently, I have achieved greater vision (20/15) than previously capable.  I recommend this technology to anyone seeking a simple, effective and non-surgical way to enhance their vision and life!