Taekwondo Does Not Stop for Glasses

In the fast-paced sport of taekwondo, there is no time to readjust glasses in the midst of combat. With ten seconds left in the last round, the thing every competitor wants is improved focus and the gas permeable lenses provided me with that, and much more. Ever since I started taekwondo at the age of eight, things always seemed blurry and I could not train to my full potential. My parents decided to take a new approach, gas permeable lenses, after getting recommendations from the parents of my friend. They were amazing, you would only have to put them on at night, and then in the morning your eyes would see things with better clarity. At first, my natural reflexes shut my eyes every time the con tact lenses came close to them, but gradually I was able to put them in easily…

After one year of wearing these lenses and four months of rigorous training, I won silver at the renowned Junior Olympics for Taekwondo in 2006. Two years later, I returned to the Junior Olympics in 2008, tired and nauseous from the long day trip to Michigan. On July 5, I competed. My eyesight was sharp and precise due to the lenses, as I analyzed my opponents’ strategies, my pupils tracing their movements. Soon it was my turn, it seemed like magic, but I was able to predict my opponent’s moves, and I countered it quickly. During a short pause, I saw my parents cheering for me, and in a rush of power, speed, and adrenaline, I won in the last ten seconds. Can you do that with glasses?