Emily Bihl, age 17

My daughter, Emily and I first learned about GVSS when she was in seventh grade.  Similar to what had happened to me in my childhood, Emily had been wearing glasses since second or third grade, and her vision continued to deteriorate with each check-up.  I am extremely nearsighted, to the point that it is sometimes difficult to get contact lenses in the power that I require, and my lenses on my glasses are quite thick even with new technology.  I cannot function without vision correction.  My husband and I did not want Emily's vision to grow worse throughout her teen and early adult years.

Dr. D. introduced us to the concept of the Gentle Vision Shaping System.  We decided to try it, and at first Emily had a difficult time adjusting to the rigid lenses.  She felt they were uncomfortable to sleep in, and during the brief time when she wore them while she was awake, they irritated her eyes.  With great support and encouragement from Dr. D., Emily persevered and adjusted to wearing the lenses in a couple of weeks.  We are so glad that she did!

Emily is now a high school senior.  Her vision has remained at the same level of correction she had when she began wearing her GVSS lenses.Her lenses have traveled with her to Australia when she was a student ambassador for People to People.  They have accompanied her to Rhode Island where she studied writing at Brown University the past two summers.  They even accompanied her to Denver in August when she attended the Democratic National Convention!

Emily is a student who takes her schoolwork very seriously.  Her lenses have allowed her to maintain her vision, and to not worry about lenses during school or after-school activities.  She has acted in several plays, played saxophone in the Concert and Jazz bands, and participated in Color Guard.  She is currently Vice President of her Senior Class and Editor of the school literary magazine.  On top of those activities, she is in the process of applying to colleges.  She was excited to receive her first acceptance, along with a merit scholarship, to Tulane University this week!

We are grateful that we learned about corneal re-shaping while Emily was still fairly young and her vision loss had not progressed too far. I recommend the lenses to other parents whose children are experiencing rapid changes in their vision.

Cynthia Bryant