I started wearing GVSS when I was in sixth grade, at age twelve.  I had glasses before that, but never wanted to wear them and it seemed that with every trip to the eye doctor, my vision was getting worse and worse as a result of this.  As a competitive year-round swimmer, I was in the pool up to eight times a week and glasses and regular contacts were both a hassle.  When I wore glasses, my vision in the water was poor and I would end practice with headaches from straining my eyes.  Regular contacts were not an option because I was swimming so much.  I had seen many teammates stop during practice because they had lost a contact while swimming.

When Dr. D suggested the GVSS lenses, I was a little apprehensive about putting hard contacts into my eyes at night, and taking them out during the day.  I didn't believe that I would have near perfect vision without the aid of glasses or contacts!  However, after a training session with an office employee, I had no problems with the lenses and in a short period it became routine to put them in before I went to sleep or in the evening while reading or watching T.V.  They were not uncomfortable, as I had expected, but instead were incredibly easy to get used to.  The effects that wearing the GVSS lenses had on my day to day life were immediate and pronounced.  Schoolwork became easier, and I didn't have to worry about losing a contact during the swim practice.  I never had headaches and I really did have near perfect vision during the day.

Seven years later as a sophomore in college, I am still wearing the GVSS lenses.  The technology of the lenses has allowed me to have a normal daily life without the annoyance of glasses or contacts.  Although I am no longer a competitive swimmer, I now play water polo daily.  I cannot imagine the difficulty I would have playing this sport if I did not wear the GVSS lenses.  I make sure to wear my lenses for at least six hours every night and if there is a night I know I will not be getting quite enough sleep, I put the contacts in early and read or study while wearing them.  I cannot be happier with the results of my GVSS lenses and I would never trade them for glasses or daily contacts.