Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS)

Derek started GVSS at age 11 (now age 19) and Kyle started GVSS at 15 (now age 17).  Derek’s vision was very poor and he had been wearing glasses already, but prior to getting the lenses I thought Derek was too young to wear any type of contacts.  He was very active in sports and we had gone the extra step to make it easier wearing glasses during sports such as getting the special goggles to wear.  The goggles seemed to always obstruct his vision instead of making it easier.  We had gone for an eye exam to get new glasses and Dr. D. told us about GVSS.  I was quite skeptical about GVSS and had many questions in the beginning.   I researched GVSS and had even more questions.  At every point even when we were undecided, Dr. D. was always there to help out and to answer any questions whether it was during the day or in the evening.  He made himself available at any time to help with the process.  Derek, who is now in his 2nd year of college, had trouble in the beginning getting fitted.  He needed a much bigger lens and had to be fitted several times.  We persevered and finally found the right ones for him and they work.  He is so responsible and takes care of all the needs for the lenses except of course buying the cleaning solution. 

Kyle started to have trouble seeing the ball when he was playing baseball.  Once again, Kyle was very active in sports and we were facing the same decision as we did with Derek.  We took him for an eye exam with Dr. D. and once again had to make the decision of getting glasses or some type of contacts.   Kyle was a little older then Derek when faced with the decision of glasses or contacts.  We decided together and made the decision to go forward with GVSS seeing the great advantages Derek had with them.  Kyle had some trouble learning how to put the contacts in and out but until he was comfortable doing it on his own, Dr. D. would not let him wear them.

Both of my sons have had great advantages over the years in being a part of the Eyecare Professional Family.  I find that my sons are more confident in playing sports and about their overall appearance.  We all know that children are teased for wearing glasses or braces and I think this helped them boost their confidence.

Derek and Kyle are both still wearing GVSS lenses and are doing very well in every aspect.  I would recommend them to anyone thinking about going that route and research information and ask questions.  Dr. D. and his staff will help in any way he can.