Daughter Satisfied and Confident

Alyssa needed glasses starting in Kindergarten.  When we went back for a checkup with Dr. D. the following year in first grade, her prescription had gotten significantly worse.  At this time, Dr. D had suggested the GVSS lenses.  I had never heard of them at this time, but having worn contacts to correct my vision for most of my life, I was interested in any option that would prevent my daughter from having to deal with glasses or contacts during the day.  The other factor that was really important was that the GVSS contacts could prevent Alyssa’s prescription from continuing to get worse. We started in the middle of first grade when Alyssa was 6 years old.  At first, it was a challenge putting in the contacts, and especially removing them.  I had to help her put them in and take them out everyday.  I had worn contacts for more than 20 years when Alyssa started, but it’s definitely much harder to put them in and out of your child’s eye than your own!  Eventually Alyssa was able to take care of this process completely by herself, including cleaning the contacts each morning.  By the summer before 2nd Grade, she was on her own!

Alyssa is involved in a variety of activities.  She has been dancing since she was 2 and a half.  She started playing soccer and softball in kindergarten.  As a seventh grader, she continues to take dance, and plays competitive softball year round.  She also is involved in school activities such as the annual school play.  The GVSS contacts have made all of these activities much easier for Alyssa.  The funny thing is, since Alyssa never experienced these activities with glasses or soft contacts she would wear during the day, she can’t even imagine how much easier it has made it.  Alyssa would agree though, that the GVSS lenses have helped her most with softball, because she plays the position of a catcher.  This can be a challenging position, and there is constant dirt flying into her eyes while catching.  Having soft contacts during these games would cause much eye irritation.  Wearing glasses under a catcher’s mask would be much more challenging to deal with because she would have the fear of breaking her glasses and she could not see the ball coming as well.

Another activity that Alyssa loves to do in the summer is to go swimming.  Alyssa has never had to worry about not being able to see while in the pool or the ocean, or worry about losing a contact if she wants to go under the water.  As someone who has experienced those things for many years, I know that Alyssa doesn’t even realize how lucky she is!   I really feel that having good vision every day has also added to Alyssa’s self confidence.

Alyssa has had a very positive experience with the GVSS lenses.  I tell all parents I meet whose children need glasses about them.  The reaction I get is usually hesitation, but two of her cousins started wearing them this year.  Alyssa’s younger sister just needed to get her first pair of glasses.  If her prescription continues to worsen, I will encourage her to begin with the GVSS lenses.  If I had the opportunity as a child, I would definitely have wanted to use them.  I would have loved to wake up in the morning and have been able to see normally!

-Alyssa's Mom