What is Corneal Reshaping?

Excerpt from Part IIII

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Corneal reshaping technology uses a carefully designed rigid oxygen permeable contact lens that gently changes the shape of the front of the eye, called the cornea, while you sleep. The lenses are uniquely designed for every child and are often different between one eye and the other. Interesting, huh? But how does this improve myopia or nearsightedness?



When a person is nearsighted, it is because the eye is too long. This causes images to focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina (A).




Corneal reshaping lenses flatten the front part of the eye and allow the image to focus further back onto the retina (B).






That’s a good thing since it is the retina that is responsible for receiving the images, converting them into electrical impulses and then sending them o the brain where they are “seen.”  A child will apply these contact lenses in the evening before bedtime.  As the child sleeps, the corneal reshaping lens correctly molds the cornea to the shape needed to properly focus light on the retina.  When the child wakes, the lenses are removed.



The best news is that because the outer layer of the eye has been reshaped during the night (kind of like braces on teeth),your child can see well during the day—without eyeglasses or contact lenses!