IsThere Anything That Stops Myopia?

Excerpt from Part III

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Myopia is a leading cause of vision loss and it’s estimated that by the year 2020, myopia will affect 2.5 billion people worldwide. It is going to be an epidemic in many regions of the world.  It’s not uncommon for children wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses to have their eyesight deteriorate yearly. 

There is nothing that will stop myopia from occurring, but fortunately recent research indicates that there may actually be a way that the progression of myopia can be slowed down. Researchers have found that by wearing specially-designed gas permeable lenses overnight, called corneal reshaping lenses, a dramatic difference can be made in a child’s vision. And we’ve witnessed this in our office! 


While many eye doctors aren’t aware of this research and don’t offer this type of treatment, the results these studies and our own clinical experience has definitely changed the treatment of nearsightedness in our practice. In our next section Dr. Despotidis will explain what corneal reshaping is and how it works.