Can Vision Therapy Help My Child? 

  A full evaluation will help determine if your child has a visual problem that is interfering with the learning. The doctor also will ascertain if the problem will respond to vision therapy.  If vision therapy is indicated, an individualized program can be designed to address the specific difficulties you child is having.  Often, vision therapy can enhance your child's visual abilities by helping your child learn to use his or her eyes together in a more coordinated way.  Through enhanced visual awareness and practice, therapy improves skills such as focusing , eye teaming, and eye tracking. When the visual system functions correctly an efficiently, the energy saved can be used to improve reading comprehension. Learning becomes enjoyable again, allowing your child to think more clearly and to learn more quickly rather than struggling to read and comprehend written materials. Books become gateways to learning and wil no longer be associated with headaches and discomfort. 

An extensive body of research supports the efficacy of vision therapy, showing that for many conditions, the success rates are in teh 90th percentile and aboove. Parents should feel free to contact our office for reprints of supporting the effectiveness of vision therapy. 


          Signs and Symptoms of a Visual Problem? 


 Physical Clues 

One eye turning in or out 

Squinting, eye-rubbing 

Excessive blinking  

Blurred or Double Vision 

Dizziness or nausea after reading 

Head tilting, closing or covering an eye 


 Secondary Symptoms

Smart in everything but school

Low self-esteem, poor self-image

Quick temper flare ups, aggressiveness

Short attention span and day dreams

Fatique, frustration, stress and irritability

Excessive amount of time on homework

 Performance Clues

 Frequent loss of place 

Omits, inserts or rereads words

Avoidance of near work 

Poor reading Comprehension

Poor Handwriting

Difficulty copying from the board

Letter or word reversals 





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